Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fraidy Cat

I scared myself.

Sitting in front of our fireplace, writing a scene in the new script.

A night scene, where the monster, in all his gooshy, drooling, icky menace circles the hero unaware of the threat.

A log in the fireplace popped and I threw my notebook and pen on the floor and nearly had a heart attack.

Immersed, I was. In the writing. Yay. And BOO!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Movie Time

This month I've seen the following movies.

The Maze Runner
The Equalizer
The Drop
Cold In July (DVD)
Gone Girl
The Judge

Maze Runner -- not bad. Gamerish, which is a description not an insult. Nice effects. Good monster. The obstructive force/character was such a cliché, I almost counted his lines to know when we would be done with him and could move on with the story. Pretty tame considering they could have gone Lord of the Flies and didn't. But, I'll pass on the sequel. You're only a teenager once, I guess. Box Office = $76,339,821.

The Equalizer -- Denzel seems a very precise actor. No surprises here, but not a bad afternoon at the movies. The showdown in a Home Depot-like store was a nice change. Comes the Zombie Apocalypse, let's hole up there. Box Office = $70,160,373.

The Drop -- Go see this in a theater while you still can. James Gandolfini's last film and the always amazing Tom Hardy. Lovely film making, takes some time to let the audience gather clues, which creates tension and suspense without anyone jumping out of the shadows wielding a bloody chainsaw. Box Office = $10,499,451. Seriously, go see this. Support a smart film.

Cold In July -- This one has already tanked and it is the best of the bunch. I'd heard about it and was planning to see it. Never arrived in my local theater, but there it was as a DVD rental. Nothing in this film is expected. You won't see this plot unraveling. And then, Don Johnson strolls in at the top of the second act and steals the movie out from under Sam Shepard. Rent this. It's great. Box Office = $423,223.

Gone Girl -- I read the book and hated the ending. 
Let's take a moment and mourn "The Hollywood Ending." What was wrong with those anyway?
So, I was going to the movie hoping they'd changed the ending and to see Ben Affleck's penis. This is probably a more enjoyable film experience for people who haven't read the book as the film unfolds slowly. I got a clearer picture of Amy here than I did in the book. And yes, if you watch closely, the star penis makes an appearance. Shower scene, pay attention. But Neil Patrick Harris is also fully exposed and no one is talking about that, which hardly seems fair. Box Office = $51,481,190

Note to self, don't go to movies based on disliked books.    

The Judge -- This just opened yesterday with Robert Downey Jr urging attendance to show Hollywood, movies about people can attract an audience. It's the same old story though -- cranky curmudgeon with a heart of gold vs big city dick with a heart of gold. And all they need is a family crisis for the hearts of gold to break through to win the day. Blech. This one is saved by the cast, Duval, Downey and D'nofrio -- but still, in my experience, dicks don't have hearts of gold. They don't reform. They attract others of the same kind and flourish. Making one wish to send them shopping at Home Depot. Ask for Denzel.

Just opened, so no box office yet. I went to the first showing and the audience applauded the end. Hadn't heard that in a while, so my curmudgey opinion aside, who knows.

Monday, September 22, 2014


While I was away at the Deadrock Script Conference, Rocky found himself unattended with food within reach and ate three Hershey bars, two mini Krackle bars, a whole bag of Pepperidge Farm Maui cookies and 20 goldfish crackers.

Thereby answering the question, if allowed unlimited access, would he ever stop eating?

Answer: No.

Dearest and kiddo made the emergency vet call and were instructed to deliver the hydrogen peroxide cure to the little glutton.

Which is how they knew exactly how many goldfish crackers had been consumed.

Okay. Take a moment. ICK.

Chocolate is poison for dogs. Here's why. Not the first time this happened at our house.

 What followed was a long night of constant monitoring to insure the little bandit didn't have a seizure and die.

Question: When I got home the next day,  guess who was glad to see me?

Answer: Everybody.