Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just Click Here

I have abandoned facebook. 

Not that I have anything against social media. But it’s become a carousel of annoying, intrusive, depressing, never-ending barrage of crap. 

Who has the time?

Oh, back in the day, I was one of those who were NEVER joining the fb mob, but then a couple of my art classes, out there in the virtual classroom, were interacting on facebook, so I gritted my teeth and joined the din.

My kiddo joked, facebook was better than binoculars. Yes, you get an expanded view of the world and the world gets a magnified look at you.

From the first, facebook seemed like high school to me. Counting friends. Secret clubs. Who in their right mind wants to relive high school?

Then, there was the incessant bragging. I admit, I’m as guilty as the next person. My kid’s smarter and my dog is prettier than yours. So there.

But eventually, who cares?

It may be a natural progression. Bragging morphed into all-consuming promotion. 

Everybody has something to sell. 

Books, retreats, contests, essays, art, something, something, something for everyone. Just click here.

A paradigm shift. Creative types were advised to develop a platform, build an audience, then offer that audience as proof of worth to the gatekeepers holding the purse strings. 

Does it work?

I have no idea. It is a method getting a lot of traction. Maybe in twenty years, we’ll see how well it worked. 

For now, I prefer the quiet. I’m going back to the blog, which seems kind of retro now. Nostalgia, like an old sock without the stink.

Maybe, if, or when, I have something to promote, I’ll rejoin the herd, head down, cheeks aflame.

Until then, let the mob trust genuine interest and true support can be shown by clicking a link.

Just click here.