Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Blogger has a new feature where you can check your blog's stats without using a third party site.

I've always been interested in how Net Surfers arrive at my virtual doorstep.

I can see the US and even UK, since kiddo only recently returned from there. But what in the world is going on in India, Brazil and Bulgaria that they're ending up at Coyote Underground to read about me obsessing over pencils?

Keywords that will dump you here --

I never said ladies "steam room" gym naked. So there. I did say this, though.
Notice Black Velvet Pencils are #3 and 6. Alas.

I am not the only one.

And who knew my mother didn't make up Mountain Cows!

Stats for one week.

India, still.

Russians probably looking for those transvestites.

Saudi Arabia?

Before I break into a chorus of We Are The World, guess I'll go finish my French homework.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flying In Formation

Traversing to French Class this morning, I noticed Canadian geese flying south for the winter.

How do they know to fly in that V formation?

How do they know that the V gives them less drag and more miles per bird?

How did they figure that out?

Even the instinct -- how did that occur?

Did one of the prehistoric bull geese say one day,


I think if we fly in a V,

we'll go farther,

faster with less drag.

How 'bout it, mes amis?

I just wondered.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Less Obsessed

In the continuing saga of The Search for the Perfect Pencil, the new Blackwings arrived, but they are not new Blackwings. They are new pencils named Blackwing that look like the old Blackwings.

Got that?

A new company bought the name and not the graphite/clay/wax formula. All that said, so what?

The Palomino Blackwings arrive in a lovely box. Nice.

By my completely unscientific, in the wind testing, I think the new Blackwing is smoother than the Palomino, darker than the old Blackwing with a combination of smooth and soft that makes for a nice instrument.
Of course, they're not perfect because they are not ROUND, but still, my new(er)* favorite.

I may stop looking. (I'll probably never stop looking.)*

*Update: Okay, I've used the new Blackwing for a while, and it is smoother than usual, darker than most, it does not replace the old Blackwing.

Thursday, October 07, 2010