Monday, September 22, 2014


While I was away at the Deadrock Script Conference, Rocky found himself unattended with food within reach and ate three Hershey bars, two mini Krackle bars, a whole bag of Pepperidge Farm Maui cookies and 20 goldfish crackers.

Thereby answering the question, if allowed unlimited access, would he ever stop eating?

Answer: No.

Dearest and kiddo made the emergency vet call and were instructed to deliver the hydrogen peroxide cure to the little glutton.

Which is how they knew exactly how many goldfish crackers had been consumed.

Okay. Take a moment. ICK.

Chocolate is poison for dogs. Here's why. Not the first time this happened at our house.

 What followed was a long night of constant monitoring to insure the little bandit didn't have a seizure and die.

Question: When I got home the next day,  guess who was glad to see me?

Answer: Everybody.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

We Are Watching You

 I don't like facebook. It's turning us into voyeurs.

Every once in a while they get hit with negative news reports about how facebook monitors what we look at on facebook.

Never realized how closely facebook watches us back.

I'm half-heartedly trying to break the fb habit.

Hadn't been on for two days when I received an email from fb.

"You have notifications PENDING.

You're MISSING stories your FRIENDS have posted."

Missing stuff.

Virtual life is scrolling by me unaware.

Oh well.

Real life is suiting me fine just now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cooking for the Pure in Heart

... because the kitchen's a mess.

Looking up recipes, I am dazzled by the beautiful kitchen and process pictures.

My in-process kitchen always looks like a murder's been committed.

Murder most foul.

At least the final product looks spiffy.

Family requests for this year's chokecherry harvest were syrup and infused vodka.

Wise choices from the Montana woods.