Sunday, March 18, 2018

Snow Day

Everyone has cabin fever, but Montana won't listen.

Each one unique, so they say.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

You Might Be in Montana ...

If the spring time rose bush display sits next to the snow blowers.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Ja oder Nein?

 1 Fired a gun – yes, dear. This is Montana.
 2 Gone on a blind date – yes, ages ago.
 3 Watched someone give birth – yes.
 4 Watched someone die – unfortunately, yes.
 5 Visited Canada – yes, our neighbor to the north.
 6 Visited Hawaii – no, but I've heard of this fabled land where it's always warm.
 7 Visited Las Vegas – yep. It's between here and there.
 8 Visited Asia – No. Does Europe count?
 9 Visited Africa – No. Does Ireland count?
10 Visited Florida – no -- too hot. Too many giant bugs. 
11 Visited Mexico – Tijuana.
12 Visited Australia – No, that would be a really long way to go.
13 Seen the Grand Canyon in person – Yes.
14 Flown in a helicopter – Yes. It was like riding a dragonfly.
15 Flown in an airplane – yes and have piloted my own.
16 Served on a jury – once.
17 Visited L.A – You bet. Hollywood!
18 Been to New York City – I love the Big Apple. Would go again.
19 Cried yourself to sleep – yes.
20 Recently colored with pencils - no
21 Sang karaoke – no, but I always sing at the Uke Jam.
22 Paid for a meal with coins only – no.
23 Made prank phone calls – no. Are you twelve?
24 Laughed so much you cried – yes.
25 Caught a snowflake on your tongue – rite of passage in Montana.
26 Had children – yes, but you don't get to keep them.
27 Had a pet – always.
28 Been skinny dipping – no
29 Rappelled down a building / cliff – certainly not. Where are the stairs?
30 Been downhill skiing – yes and I was bad at it. Walked down the bunny hill.
31 Been water skiing – I prefer to stay in the boat.
32 Been camping in a tent – Yes and without one too.
33 Driven a motorcycle – yes. Does an ATV count. I love that thing.
34 Jumped out of a plane – seriously no.
35 Gone to a drive-in movie – those were the days. Yes.
36 Done something that could have killed you – oh yes. Amazed I lived this long.
37 Done something that you regret – regret is a waste of time.
38 Rode an elephant – no. Been to town and seen the elephant though.
39 Rode a camel – Montana had wild camels for a while, but no.
40 Eaten just cookies or cake or ice cream for dinner – yes. And frosting.
41 Been on TV – yes.
42 Been in newspapers – yes.
43 Stolen any traffic signs – no and why?
44 Been in a car accident – Yes. Alas.
45 Stayed in Hospital – yes.
46 Donated blood – no
47 Had to pay a fine in the past 12 months – No.
48 Gotten a piercing – no.
49 Gotten a tattoo – sure. Evidence of a misspent youth.
50 Driven a standard car – yes.
51 Ever owned your dream car – in my youth.
52 Been Married – yes.
53 Been divorced - not yet.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ukulele Notes and Tab

Because -- I looked all over the net for this and couldn't find it. Found it for guitar, which didn't help at all.

So -- made my own, and I'm sharing.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018