Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sexism in the Bath

Bathrooms have been in the news lately. Who's going where to do what gets lots of ink, animosity and agita.

Sexism and gender bias in la toilette is not confined to transgender issues or former Olympic athletes.

Bolted to the back of the stall door in the Ladies Room at the local sushi restaurant, the following ad.

Isn't it bad enough, a person can't get a moment's peace out and about without being bombarded by advertising, musak, or greetings by chummy clerks?

Now, even a private crap is invaded with intrusive, sexist advertising.

I prefer the good old days of vandalism graffiti.
Billy Bob loves Betty Sue
for a gud time call 406-1234
Betty Sue don't live there no more
At least it made no assumptions.

Does the gas company think it has my attention showing a cheap knockoff purse picture?

Gentlemen, please.

Monday, July 04, 2016