Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Winds of November

Greetings Earthlings,

Been a while.

Between French, eye surgery and the blizzard of the century, I've been absent.

Thought I'd splash back with a meme 'cuz I haven't had one in a while.

Party on.

love always,

Your Space Cadet

Unconscious Mutterings.

Emotional :: Been there.

Bite :: absent the obvious -- turkey dinner

Get off my :: cloud. Rock On.

Heroic :: days in everyday life.

Clothing :: never warm enough this time of year.

Home :: is where the heart is, if the fire's hot enough.

Spelling :: shirley u gest.

Attitude :: yeah, I got one.

Argument :: not now, I'm tired.

Satan :: is in the details, or so they tell me.

And now, I'm off to make stuffing one-eyed, which is not the same as one-eyed stuffing and a whole other story entire.

Happy Thanksgiving.