Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Virgin Effort

Over at Everybody I Shot Is Dead, in the comments, is a discussion about the One Page Challenge suggesting someone should post the first page of their first screenplay.


And all I have to say is, oh my.


One more thing, the answer to that last question, lest I leave you twitching with curiosity is, "Sudden onset of ground."

Anyone else?


  1. Hey Cynthia, you've been tagged.

  2. I thought I'd responded to this. I know I thought about it, and thought, this isn't bad. It's not as sharply written as your newer stuff, as crisp, maybe, but it's not gosh-awful at all. If I find the first page of my first novel I promise it will be embarrassing, it will be so bad!

    Sudden onset of ground is funny.

  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    hey, that script template you use ROCKS


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