Friday, December 11, 2009

Watch Your Language

The following video struck me funny since all semester, the young men in my Advanced EMT class have apologised to me whenever they swore.

Now, I'm a writer. I am not offended by language.* I'm not above using whatever language I need to get the effect I want.

I also went to college in the 60s. Drugs, Sex & Rock and Roll, my generation invented that.

Now, I love 'em like the brothers I never wanted, but so far, nothing these baby boys have come up with has shocked, appalled, or even surprised me. But, because I'm 30 years older than they are, (oy) they treat me like a little old church lady.

Should I tell them?

Husband Dearest says there is nothing wrong with being treated like a lady.

Should I tell him?

So kids, today's lesson is:

Judge not by appearance,


for God's sake,

mind your fucking language.

*For the record, I'm offended by stupidity, cruelty and liars.


  1. Amen, sistah! I'm a Boomer, too. We built this city on rock 'n roll. It amuses me when the youngsters act as if they have just discovered sex and dirty dancing and all those expressive, explosive words. And treat me as though I were a cloistered virgin, not out of respect for my gray hair, but out of contempt for my supposed lack of experience with the real world. My mother told me my first swear word was "bustard" (bastard) which I used on her when she poured my milk on my head because I wouldn't drink it. We start young, in my family.

  2. Not from respect, but for contempt for (our) supposed lack of experience Exactly!! And this pisses me off.

    My mother tells the story of how at age three years, I called my favorite Grandma a sweet old son of a bitch. Favorite Grandma then prevented my mother from washing my mouth out with soap because I wouldn't have been saying that, if I hadn't heard it s o m e w h e r e.


  3. Haha! I love it. I grew up NEVER swearing. EVER. Really drank that Kool-aid. As an adult I've been making up for lost time. Also, nothing makes my husband giggle like evil cat pictures, and me calling somebody a tosser. And neither of those things are going anywhere, so there you have it.

  4. In your experience, who is more offended by bad language? The Brits or Americans? I loved this, by the way.

  5. The Irish. Brits throw around that "c" word an awful lot to be offended by obscenity. Bad grammar can drive them over the edge though.

    I was actually tut-tutted - harumphed by an Irish gentleman I was sitting next to on a bus bench. We had just made it through Irish customs. I had detected a different flavor to our interactions, so I said to Earl, "I kind of like the cut-the-crap sarcasm they have here."

    The old Irish fart cleared his throat, clucked his tongue and when I looked at him, he frowned at me.

    And I thought, fasten your seatbelt, sweetheart, you're in for a bumpy ride. Then the bus arrived and we all lived.


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