Friday, January 22, 2010

Hidden Message

A few years ago, there was a scandal that suggested advertisers were hiding messages in pictures to subconsciously influence innocent consumers into even greater avarice.

Thursday night, out to celebrate, I gazed into my gin and thought -- I know what hidden message I see in the melting ice.

Do you see it?

Speaking of judging by appearance, I am beginning to wonder what image I project. The restaurant wasn't busy, so the bartender served as our waiter. He asked Husband Dearest, if he'd like a beer or a glass of wine. Asked me, if I'd like a lemonade or maybe some iced tea.

I replied, I want a gin and tonic with Bombay Sapphire Gin and don't be shy pouring the gin.

I swear, he did a double take, then said, a girl after my own heart.

Oh really.

Tim Gunn says, "You can't control how you're perceived, only how you're presented."

Apparently, my presentation is somewhere south of Queen Victoria.



  1. Poppet!!! And I see the message and now I'm hungry.

  2. Ha! Insidious plan works. Not thirsty, though?

    WTF Poppet -- cracked me up.


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