Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word

I was telling the kiddo about the latest misbehavior from

The Naughtiest Puppy In The World

Just Another Bad Dog


Humans nap in front of TV.
Gracie co-ops the fresh sugar cookie plate leaving only crumbs.

kiddo suggests we attempt dog training of some kind to correct such disreputable behavior.

And then, it hits me.

Gracie isn't Just Another Bad Dog.

She's an anarchist.

With a little search, I found conformation on the

How To Become An Anarchist website.*
  • Take control over your own life to the greatest degree possible. Nobody owns you and no authority over you is legitimate unless you voluntarily grant the authority.
  • If you live in a society, you still have suffer consequences if you choose not to abide by their rules.
That's right. No cookies for you.

*which I won't link here -- Google if you want to see it.

How To Be An Anarchist website. I couldn't make that up.

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