Friday, April 09, 2010

Gone to Erin

We are going to Ireland in four days, and so far, all I have packed are the Poppets coming along for the ride.

The camera bag is half-packed. The suitcase has a pile of socks next to it. Batteries are nearly charged. Clothes, not selected.

Passport, tickets, extra ID, secreted in special passport case which I have already misplaced three times between two rooms. Imagine the possibilities when I have all of Europe beneath me.

I can barely believe this trip is happening after so many years of wishing, hoping, longing to go.

Poppets are ready.


  1. lucky poppets! Can't wait to see your pictures :-)

  2. Thanks. Hope you get your trip to Scotland as soon as you can.

    I've gone completely digital this trip and the possiblites of electronic failure are keeping me up nights. sigh. Progress.

    Shamrock Poppet gets to see the Old Country.


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