Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cat Wised Up

Person normally in charge of feeding this behemoth is on a trip to acquire a new fire truck.

Team B, person perennially distracted, wondered why she hadn't seen the cat yesterday.

Normally, cat will seek us out to make clear his wish to be fed. We pretend to acquiesce whereupon he runs down the hall to wait by his dish.

It's a long wait.

He returns. Same results.

Hey, it's the only exercise Fat Puff gets.

Eventually, we feed him.

I always wondered why he didn't figure us out sooner, but you know, cat.

Since I killed the Resurrection Rose, I went looking for the cat to make sure I hadn't accidentally starved him to death in one day.

After only fifteen years of pondering the problem, the cat figured out how to tip over the cat food bag and help himself.

Potius sero quam nunquam.


  1. So, where was said behemoth once you found him? Asleep in the bag of cat food?

  2. Sleeping on the bed.

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hey, there! Remember me? I found one of your comments on my blog and wondered what you'd been up to!

  4. Pooks!

    Of course I remember you. I still check in on your blog.

    I'm still same old, same old mostly. Rewriting one of my scripts as a novel. Still working for the fire department. Still dreaming big.

    What's new on your side?



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