Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fly in the Ointment

Ever thought the Universe was aiming messages at you?

With a close look at the sidebar, you'll see I work in emergency services.

Last week we had a community meeting with a report from the fire chief about the fire department status over the last year.

Now, I know, having been there for most of it, that our cadre of fire/EMS volunteers worked their collective asses off responding to stuff like this --

and rising car wreck numbers, more medical calls than ever, plus hours of training when not dragging ourselves from warm beds in the wee hours to venture out in the cold dark to rescue neighbors and strangers.

At the community meeting, from beginning to end, including during the Chief's speech, one fat, petty, mean-spirited, big-mouth, freakin' shit-head moron made snarky cracks about the firemen.

That one person would tear down the work of twenty made me sick to my stomach. I heard grumbling from firemen sitting behind me, but no one stepped up to say, shut your fat, petty, mean-spirited, big mouth.

My in-house anthropologist tells me this is situation normal for a humans. Some people do the work. Some people bitch about the people doing the work.

Day after the meeting, still feeling bummed, driving to town I saw this sign.

Since I didn't need chip repair, I thought the first part of the message was for me.

Especially, since it was almost what the Chief said after the meeting. The department has overwhelming support from the community, This was ONE fat, petty, mean-spirited, big-mouth, freakin' shit-head moron.

So I said, thanks Universe and felt better.

That the cost of doing business is dealing with these kind of people, not my favorite life lesson.

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  1. Latest Life Lesson in this neck of the woods: there will always be a scapegoat demonized by the rest of the group. Standing up for the scapegoat? Better have thick skin and a deaf ear.


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