Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  1. Hey, thanks for leaving a note over on my pathetic blog. Heh. I'm still around the internets, just not a personal blog anymore. But you can still see lots of Murph sporadically up at my new venture (linked in my title.) It's a second biz, and the primary one is busy, so I'm not doing much with it, but a session here and there... maybe someday enough to get a couple of fancy lenses I want. :) We're also on Facebook (if you do that sort of thing,) the page is Furocious Foto, and you can find my personal account through that page.

    I just realized (by following your profile link from my blog,) that I don't have you in my feed, but only on Flickr, so I've missed the fun stuff about Rocky. He's a DOLL! I loved the "recalculating." Smart little monsters aren't they?

    Hope to see you around elsewhere. :)

  2. Oh yeah. I was so proud of myself having found you again, but I know -- I've read other places that blogging is OVER. Plus, who isn't too busy.

    Haven't done Facebook yet or whatever. Can't make up my mind about it. Missing a lot there looks like.

    Dachshunds are indeed little devils then they give you THAT look -- what's not to love?


  3. Today I bought a book to read, the only reason was because the main character has a dachshund sidekick. Oh yes, I did. :) It's called The Gates, by John Connelly, and it's turning out to be quite silly and fun.

  4. I'm reading the first chapter on the author's website. It is charming. (Best line so far -- adults will spend time with people they don't like ... OMG - snarfed coffee.)

    Ever think about writing about Murphy? (I bet Sunny has tales to tell.) Every time I see one of those books where a writer makes millions telling about their dog and dog adventures, I look at my two and think -- why can't I do that.

    I read one where the protagonist could read her wolf/husky's mind and was guided and helped by the wonderful intuition of the animal, and I thought if I could read the canine minds at my house I'd hear COOKIE BALL COOKIE CARCARCARCAR COOKIE NAP KITTY! COOKIE.

  5. Haha! No kidding. Cookies all around. Murph would also be saying "Pick me up! Pick me up!" Spoiled little dude.

    I've thought about writing Murphy stories, but ultimately I'm a reader, not a writer.


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