Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's The End of the World, Part 4

 I wanted to do something different, so I signed up for an art class online.

If you have a peek over at the sidebar you will see . . .

gasp  gasp  ack!

. . . a link to the all pervasive social media giant. You know who I mean.

The class is going to interact -somehow- on facebook so I had to join.

I wanted to be the last person not on fb. Now Dearest says, that will be him.


kiddo says now we can connect with three devices over four social media. We are so wired.

I remember when WIRED meant HIGH.

I am not high.

Just exposed.

kiddo says, yes, now that she's read my fb page she knows all there is to know about me.

She is such a smart-alec* and my only fb friend.

So, guess I have to be nice to her.

*wonder where she learned that? Probably grad school in England.


  1. enjoy your art class!

  2. Thanks. I'm already having fun perusing art supplies I have no idea what they do!

    Working right now putting the blank journal together I'm going to use.


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