Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be Afraid.

I was frightened by a dust bunny this morning.

Walking into my office in the wee hours, the office door about four feet from the laundry room, I saw something on the floor by the washer.

I started to move in for a closer look and thought -- hold on -- might that thing jump on me?

Scene safety is the FIRST thing they teach EMTs and firemen.

So, I paused, I peered, I stepped back, retrieved a flashlight and took a second look.

Look at this freakin' thing. It looks like it has horns!
Now, I might say, since I'm currently writing a horror script, I have creeped myself over the edge.

Or, I might lead you to believe, we grow 'em extra big in Montana.

But, I think, truth be told, someone needs to clean house.

And keep the hallway lights on.


  1. hahahaha!!! Love that picture SO hard and love your dust bunny!

  2. Thanks.

    This all happened pre-coffee, of course.



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