Friday, May 24, 2013

A Long Time Ago, In A Place Far, Far Away

I suppose anyone doing genealogical research will discover, if they search far enough into the dark annals of history, that they are related to a religious fanatic who slaughtered hundreds of his neighbors.


Oh, it sounded romantic at first. 8th Chief of the Clan -- who if you piss us off we will smite you down to your last living soul -- And, of course, it was a long, long time ago when community relations weren't as civilized as they are now.

 And, of course, there are more than one version of how this all occurred, so perhaps I shouldn't be to quick to harshly judge my fanatic murdering forebears.

As I read the account of how old Alasdair prayed for seven days for a sign from God before he smothered over 300 people I felt a deep internal wince. At least he won't be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner.

On the other hand, apparently I am genetically predisposed to be cranky with my neighbors.

I'm okay with that.


The genealogy app (which I hate*) tells me, this particular miscreant is related through the father-in-law of the 10th great grandfather.

I guess that's not so bad. Everyone thinks their in-laws are psycho.

~ ~ ~

*Every piece of genealogy software I've tried has been a big glitchy mess.

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