Friday, January 09, 2015

All That Glitters

J. Herbin Special Edition Ink -- Stormy Grey.

My go-to gray ink has always been Noodler's Lexington.

In an odd day epiphany I realized I like gray ink because it
looks like pencil. (But that's just me.)

The announcement about Herbin's newest special edition came
out late last year and the ink quickly sold out.

The attraction -- ?


The ink has real gold flecks suspended in the fluid. This lays down a line with an extra special glitter.

Other online reviews suggest a broad nib might be the best instrument
for this ink. I tried a watercolor brush, Q-tip, Lamy - fine and broad nib. The
swab showed the most gold, but even the fine nib showed the gold. If one looked

At first this warning worried me --

I didn't completely fill the reservoir, but I have left the ink in the pen for over a week now. I gently rock the pen back and forth a couple of times before I start to write and so far ... no clogs and the gold shows up.

I used a Lamy Safari for the test. I don't know if I'd be so bold with a more expensive pen.

A 50ml bottle costs $26. This ink continues to sell out quickly.

UPDATE - March 12th.

I kept Stormy Grey in the Lamy Safari (fine nib) since I first posted this and had no trouble at all. I do give the pen a good shake to get the gold dispersed before writing.

But use your discretion. I assume that scary warning is there for a reason.

Photos with Nikon 5200 + Micro-Nikkor 60mm. Paper - Moleskine and Pentalic Paper for Pens.

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