Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Don't Get Any On You

I have a horror script about a nasty green entity that crawls out of a high mountain lake and proceeds to consume everything and everyone in its path.

It was great fun to write and is running about 50/50 in the contests -- either out early on or finishing with some recognition. I think this is because in the middle of the story there is a big fat scrumptious screenwriting joke and the reader must --

1. Have a sense of humor.

2. Not be a format Nazi.

As I said, it's running about 50/50.

But, I digress.

The local lake is currently having an algae bloom, and let me just say, ick.

I thought it would be fun to film some of that for -- well, who knows what I might get up to with film of real live icky green gunk.

Plus, hasn't that GoPro been whispering to me all this long time -- let's go in the water, sweetheart.

Why yes, it has.

So we did.

If later they find my bones extruded by some moveable green beast, you'll have heard it here first.


  1. omg lol I have to share this with my cousin, who terrorized me and her sister with stories about the blob!!!

    1. That was a good movie. My parents used to take us to the drive-in for horror movies -- which must be the scariest place to watch a scary movie.


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