Sunday, September 10, 2006

Don't Say Aaahh . . .

Because that little heathen killed one of our chickens last night.

A buff hen named after a blonde movie star from old Hollywood, who never did anything except lay one egg a day and eat grasshoppers. The hen, not the movie star.

And if Night of the Chicken Murder wasn’t enough, a deer moseyed into the greenhouse and ate all the peas and the ripest green tomato.

Since when do deer eat tomatoes?

And then, as I was dragging the hose to the greenhouse to water the survivors, I spied a SNAKE lying in wait in front of the door.

When I turned to holler for Earl to come kill the snake, I swallowed a bug.

So, on this day, friends, the score is:

Nature 4 Humans 0.

Oh wait, the bug didn’t make it. 1 for our side.


  1. Poor widdle chickie.
    Are you having a drought where you are? Maybe the animals' unusual invasion into your space is because they're seeking moisture - like the deer eating tomatoes?

  2. My country boy says the weather's about to change.

  3. Is that country boy code for "that raccoon is coming down in a hail of bullets?"

  4. No, the raccoon survived probably to vex us another day.

    The chicken house looks like Fort Knox now. Marilyn, Carole, Rita and Maureen should sleep soundly.

  5. It has the cutest little hands!

  6. Stop that right now!

  7. My husband used to go 'coon hunting with his dad. The hounds did most of the work, tho. The farmers loved them for it.

    I hate eating bugs. Getting them stuck in your eye or nose is orse, I think.

  8. When I was little and having a snit about something, my mother would say, "Go out in the back yard and eat a bug." Finally one day, being a child of literal mind, I tried it. Yuck!


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