Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mistaken Identity

My parents are moving to a new house. I've been helping my Dad make the "official" changes around town.

Twice last week, I was mistaken for my mother.


Someone tell me.

I do not look old enough to be married to a 78 year old man.


  1. You do not.

    Now, the question is, does your mother?

  2. LOL.

    Yes, she does, and she keeps up with him better than I do too.

  3. From here you don't look like you could be married to a 77 yr-old. :)

    Whenever Tomcat shaves his beard, I look like his mother. No - actually, his mother is very young looking. What I mean is, I look like I COULD be his mother.

  4. Men are so sneaky.

    Why isn't anyone asking, say, who's that BABE you're with? Instead of why'd ya bring your mother!

    Although, when our college girl was just a baby, Earl was asked several times, if she was his granddaughter. He was not amused. And that's why he doesn't have a beard anymore.

    I may start wearing a hat and mask.


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