Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Meme

From Monday Madness

1. What kind of automobile do you drive?

Dull ol' Chevy.

2. What kind of automobile do you WISH you drove?

Yellow Porsche. Or maybe silver.

3. When is the last time you bought a vehicle (new or used)?

Three or four years ago, I don't remember.

4. What is your color of choice as far as vehicles go?

Last time I got to pick the color, I chose BLACK with GOLD trim.

5. Do you regularly have your oil changed?

Excuse me? Actually, I'm married to a mechanic, so my oil's changed whenever I want.

6. How long do you generally keep a vehicle before thinking about buying a new one?

Until the damn thing absolutely, will not run, anymore. And, being married to a mechanic, Sweeties, that is usually a very long time.

7. What kind of automobile will you buy next?

I can't even imagine.

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