Friday, May 25, 2007


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Q1 - Remembrances: Given the choice, what would your headstone look like and what would it say?

I've actually thought about this. And even, in my youth, wrote a poem about said, sad occurrence. To once again prove I have no shame, here it is.

Q2 - Your Call: What do you think would be the best and worst ways to die?

Asleep would be the best. Sorry, I don't want to imagine the worst.

Husband Dearest works for the FAA. Often when someone hears where he works, he'll have to field miscellaneous questions about aviation.

Once, at the electric company, the clerk asked about one airline's safety record, and my Sweetie replied, "All things considered, flying is the best way to go."

Standing behind him in line, I said, "I'd rather go in my sleep."

Q3 - Better off Dead or Alive: Jerry Falwell?

Oh my. Sounds like a good way to incur bad karma. He was a major obnoxious force in American politics, but we still have Donald Trump.

Q4 - Sphere of Influence: What dead person has influenced your life the most?

Amelia Earhart.

Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace,
The soul that knows it not, knows no release
From little things;
Knows not the livid loneliness of fear,
Nor mountain heights where bitter joy can hear
The sound of wings. AE 1927

From Fond of Snape Apparently to celebrate this weekend's release of Pirates 3.

1. 10 years at sea; one _____! Parrot left.
2. Why is the _____? Boat leaking.
3. Here there be _____. One movie, one hour too long.
4. Ah..._____ does not know _____. Who ... what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men.
5. The _____ from the _____ must _____. Scale ... doctor's office ... always be wrong.
6. Of course it makes you _____. Look like you know more than you do.
7. This weekend, I _____, _____ and maybe even _____! Happy _____ Day! I'm going to cook out, fish, and maybe even see Pirates 3! Happy Memorial Day!

It always rains here on Memorial Day. One fun Memorial weekend sport is watching tourists peer out the RV windows while they wonder, why did we come to Montana?

Of course, we know it could be worse. It could be snowing.

Come back in June.

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  1. #5 cracked me up! Thanks for playing :-)


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