Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Survey Says . . .

Three things that scare me:

1 Dark
2 War
3 Fanatics

Three people who make me laugh:

1 Steve Carrell
2 My kiddo
3 Zeke and Lil - technically not people, also technically more than three. Don't be picky.

Three Things I love:

1 The Beach
2 Giant Sequoia Trees
3 Montana

Three Things I hate:

1 Traffic
2 Gas Stations
3 Waiting in line

Three things I don't understand:

1 War
2 Religious Fanatics
3 Why one pound of chocolate makes a person gain ten pounds of fat

Three things on my desk:

1 Water
2 Pencils
3 Lava Lamp

Three things I'm doing right now:

1 Blogging
2 Wasting time online See #1
3 Wishing I had a new laptop

Three things I want to do before I die:

1 Visit Ireland
2 Learn to draw
3 Make a million dollars with my writing

Three things I can do:

1 Write
2 Create photographic art
3 Keep an injured person alive until the ambulance arrives

Three ways to describe my personality:

1 Quirky
2 Compassionate
3 Humorous

Three things I can't do:

1 Draw
2 Sing on key
3 Understand HBO programming decisions

You can take this survey at Bzoink.com, a part of My Space which is a fetid dump of pop culture if you ask me, and you didn't but there it is.


  1. Thanks for signing my guestbook!

    um, lava lamp?

  2. Looking forward to your publication dates. :)

    I'm writing about hippies right now - hence the lava lamp. I'm flashing back.


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