Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Die Hard in a Neverending Sequel

I saw this first day. I have a thing for Bruce. Leave me alone.

Perfect summer popcorn movie.

John McClane's facing the realities of aging as well as any of us. He can save America from terrorists, but can he keep his college daughter from making out with a dope in front of her dorm? Nope.

Justin Long, the Mac guy from TV ads, is the dragged-along buddy this time out. He supplies some amped energy to McClane's weary here we go again vibe.

Timothy Olyphant, hero from DEADWOOD, is nicely psycho as the villain.

Kevin Smith looks too good to be a basement dwelling, hacker slacker, but boy, his entrance got a big laugh.

And, here you go, 'cuz you're not going to hear it in this PG13 release -- DIE HARD.


  1. Bruce Willis is mine. MINE, do you hear? ::grumble:: I haven't had a chance to see this one yet; I'm so envious! Every time I see broken glass, I think of him tromping over it in his bare feet...shudder.

  2. Maybe we can switch off, every other Tuesday, or something.


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