Thursday, July 26, 2007

Close Enough For Government Work

This is the Meriwether Fire burning in the Gates of the Mountains wilderness area.Started by lightning, when discovered, it was two acres and could have easily been suppressed.

Forestry professionals have good explanations why fire is beneficial to forest health. Let it burn, is a current Forest Service management technique.*

This morning around 3 AM, the Meriwether Fire burned out of the wilderness and now threatens private property and lives.Not the least of which are the volunteer fire fighters struggling to save neighbors' homes.

My question is this -- why do officials always act surprised?

Yes, it's two acres. We could put it out, but a little fire is good for the forest.

Now it's 2,200 acres and we have a big freakin' catastrophe on our hands.

What did they expect would happen?

*Even after this disaster in 1988 when the "Let It Burn" philosophy nearly destroyed one of America's finest assets.

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