Monday, November 05, 2007

American Entrepreneur

American Gangster, a movie way, way, way, way, way too long.

About mid 2nd Act, I leaned over to remark to Husband Dearest, This is boring, and found he was asleep.

The setup is nice. We meet the two men and learn their foibles, and then, and then, and t h e n -- the New York drug scene in the 70s. Over and over again. Once would have been enough.

The film has some nice moments. Especially when Lucas and Roberts finally meet. The story has interesting elements. Frank Lucas was an American entrepreneur figuring out how best to beat the competition and his competition was the Mafia. Richie Roberts was an honest cop at a time when honesty made him a pariah on the force.

But 157 minute run time! Give me, my bladder and aching back a break.

According to Box Offic Mojo, American Gangster made $46,344,000 coming out a little ahead of Seinfeld's cartoon.

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