Monday, November 12, 2007

Language, Ladies

I never liked this phrase applied to a woman.

That took balls.

Obviously, if we are speaking about a woman, BALLS are not what it took.

"Ovaries" doesn't seem an appropriate replacement. Did ovaries ever start a war, beat up someone, or be especially brave?

For a while, I thought HOT FLASH might suffice.

She had the HOT FLASH to carry her through.

One never knows when hormonal imbalance can come in handy.

Over at Bitch Ph.D. she's suggesting something new to replace BALLS.


Do you have the skirt for that?

I went to Catholic school, back in the day. We didn't get to wear trousers. When I reached the age I could speak for myself, I discarded all those skirts and never looked back.

So, I know I don't have the skirt for anything.

But, she's right.

If you don't have, never wanted and don't need, don't let them tell you have BALLS.


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