Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top Hose Tourney

Yesterday our Fire Department sponsored Firefighter Games as part of a fundraiser and 9/11 commemoration.

An obstacle course race to Save the Citizen.

And a Shootout.

That's Dearest in the white helmet. He and his partner won the Shootout, retiring undefeated.

And then there was this.


  1. He cuts a dashing figure in his turnout togs. Congrats on his Shootout success. I've always wondered how on earth the firemen endure those heavy turnout coats. It must be exhausting, sweaty, heavy just wearing them, let alone fighting fires, hauling equipment around, aiming hoses...and then there's the old joke about aiming hoses, but we won't go there....

  2. It is -- all of the above. That's part of my job, to make sure they don't fall over from heat prostration.

    I was on the game committee and when they decided to name the thing Top Hose, I thought quite a few things I didn't share.


  3. Stella2:35 AM

    That person in the video does not respond to cheers.:) I am glad I wasn't strapped to the board. Cool video, is it a flip one?

  4. He's an individual all right. ;)

    Yep, Flip video -- works nicely since I dumped their propriatory (sp?) software. Saw the newest one -- it is soooo tiny. Thought I might get it. Read reviews. About half have a usb connection that fails every time. :P Sticking with the one I have.


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