Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Pencil Test

Last night I took notes at a FEMA meeting with both. One thing Palomino has down pat is laying down a dark line. When the PBW602 first hit the paper, I thought, oh, this is smooth. The slightly larger circumference makes me not mind the hex. The point lasted longer than the Original, in this unscientific, fast scribbling notes at a meeting, test. Then I had to change to a Biro because I forgot my sharpener. oy.

So, there you have it. PBW602, a very nice pencil. The difference in the smoothest between it and the Original, while there, is negligible.

Oh, and I heard everything the FEMA guy said.  ; )


  1. I just thought I would try this one more time. I follow your Pencil Saga with great interest, and Gracie and Rocky are a chapter unto themselves. I'm staying tuned....

  2. Yea! It worked. Glad you finally got through.

    Pencils, who knew? And I have a whole fountain pen saga going on too. Learned ink can be too wet.

    The dogs are something, that's true. kiddo says they're like the cartoon show, Pinky and the Brain. Guess who's the Brain?

    Rocky's recovering from his operation yesterday. Hasn't slowed him down much. Gracie's acting like he's a whole new dog.

    Fortunately, she loves everybody.

    Wish you'd leave a link to your blog. I keep losing it.

  3. uh - never mind - I see the link now.


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