Wednesday, June 08, 2011

On The Road

Due to a family emergency, we went to California.

Due to the emergency and because this was not my idea of a nice vacation, I was in a really bad mood. Didn't take my usual plethora of stuff. You know, the cameras.

Woke up on the coast and all I had with me was the little Canon I got last Christmas.


At least it works off regular batteries. In fact, the biggest consumer complaint about this camera is that it eats batteries. I used the Canon branded ones and never slowed down.

Anyway, bad mood or no, disaster or no, I was kicking myself later when -- emergency dealt with -- we moseyed up the coast taking in the sights.

Hearst Castle detail.

Had lunch in Monterey and I wondered how many tourists are run over taking this picture.

When in Rome.
Every person who stopped here ran out in the middle of the road and snapped a pix of this sign.

Then I found myself on my old stomping grounds, the cradle of my photography career, the landscape of my hero, down the road from Cannery Row, Point Lobos.

What would Weston and Adams would think of it now, with the manicured trails, safety rails, campgrounds, and bathrooms?

But, there it was, in all its glory and all my Nikons were at home.

Did I mention it runs on regular batteries?

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