Saturday, November 24, 2012

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I started watching AMC's The Walking Dead because I saw this poster and it cracked me up.

I don't like zombie movies. Shaun of The Dead and 28 Days Later aside, I think most of the genre is a bloody gross-out fest for those who don't enjoy good film.

I had heard this was a good show, but honestly, telling me that a zombie show is good, makes me doubt your ability to judge value.

That said, ahem, this show is great.

Since I'm playing catch-up, watching the DVDs, I have the benefit of hindsight. I tolerated the first episodes' arty factor as them getting their groove on. And the next thing I knew, I was hooked.

I just finished Season Two. I read the reviews first. They were criticized for too much talking, not enough action. Fair enough, but only half the story.

There is a lot of moralizing in this series. Morality, moral imperatives, moral decisions,* civilization, oy, when the characters pause, and the two shot is framed, brace yourself for moralizing that will make you wish for someone to jump in and gnaw their faces off.

But when they stop talking about it and the series shows them behaving within the new morality and you're right with them there, then turns that 180 degrees, they knock it out of the park.


When the little girl walks out of the barn. Holy crap.


Great writing is always instructive. 

The Sopranos was a delicious guide on how to make a villain sympathetic. I mean, sometimes, didn't you wish Tony could get a break. Carmella would drive anyone around the bend. But I digress.

The Walking Dead excels. You will invest in these people. You will be surprised.* If you're just there for the bloody gore fest, they have that too.

Which brings up another point. I'd rather be intrigued than grossed out. That's just me. 

One episode of The Walking Dead made me gag.

Something IMAGINARY evoked a real physical response.

I want my writing to do that.

Although gagging is not the response I'd prefer.

*Ha! Got it right in one.
*Ha! Did it again. The curse is lifted.

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