Monday, November 19, 2012

Surprise Decision

... are two words I can't spell.

I have looked up decision at least 500 times thinking it needs two Es instead of two Is. Decesion is how I think decision should be spelled. Mr. Webster and every spell checker I have disagree.

Last weekend when I was posting elsewhere, I looked at that word and thought, is that right? Looked it up for the 501st time and also thought, why don't you learn to spell this already?

Don't you think SURPRISE would look good with a Z in it? I do. For years, I have. SurpriZe. Wouldn't that be surprising? Surprise just doesn't look right with two Ss. It obviously needs a Z. No one else agrees.

I noticed this when, in something I was writing, I managed to correctly spell everything except decision and surprise.

Which, I decided, was weird.

Something, I decided, must be done.

Solutions being considered:
1. Put brain in gear and learn to spell SURPRISE and DECISION.
2. Stop writing stories that include SURPRISES and DECISIONS.
 Guess which is more likely.

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