Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Dilemma

We're getting ready for a trip to the coast.

And I find myself staring at my travel journal.

This is the setup --

Canvas case, moleskine notebook and various tools. Usually shoved in the suitcase because there are scissors in there. Wonder if a person can have scissors in a carry-on now days?

It has seen me through multiple trips, including being stranded in England because of a volcano eruption and an emergency appendectomy in Scotland. At one point, I realized my travel journal was reading like a horror novel. Nobody vacations like we do.

But now there are other options as I've found Midori Travelers Notebooks. Already have two.

The passport size, I carry around town, it has a calendar, two notebooks and its own multi-pen. I've used it to keep myself occupied while I was waiting for something else to happen. Analog distraction tool.

The regular size, I've used when I've traveled to seminars or taken classes in town. Analog distraction tool on the road to further education.

But now, should I use one as my regular travel journal?

And what about the old setup which has seen me through time and time again?

Old reliable or something new and better?

Can't make up my mind.

Complicated by the addition of these.

Smart phone -- so I always have kind of a camera -- and a polaroid printer that prints business card size prints from an app on the phone.

Certainly is taking PACK LIGHT out of the equation.

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