Thursday, May 25, 2017

Goofy Stuff That Turned Out To Be COOL.

I blame Jet Pens.

Free shipping with orders of $25 is the siren song few can resist, so I found myself adding a MULTI-PEN to my order for the last few bucks needed to reach $25.

My opinion then was that people who used pens with multiple inks were probably those people who dotted their “i” with a little heart.

So, this arrived.

 Then this.

Well, I have two desks. One for each desk. See?
And then I had to get this …

Tombow Compact Multi-Pen
to go with this …..

Passport Midori Traveler's Notebook
 And then my daughter gave me this for Christmas.

FIVE, count 'em, five in one pen. 
Then I saw the famous Bic at Target and thought – why not – it has a pencil too!

So, now look.

And I wonder, how DID this happen?
The reason I found the pens worthwhile is gel ink. The Tombow and the Bic are ballpoints, but the others have a very nice gel ink that makes them hard to resist. Although, the ballpoints are much improved over the old gloppy, leaky messes ballpoints used to be. Gel ink is ruling the place around here right now.

What can I say? Writers like writing instruments and moments that offer procrastination opportunities.

Multi-pens. Who knew?

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