Monday, March 12, 2007

All Hail the 300

Leonidas at Thermopylae
Definitely a boy pix.

On the other hand, there are more six packs here than at a tailgate party during the Homecoming Game, so it's not like the ladies won't have something to watch.

My Grandfather was named for the Spartan hero whose sacrifice at the Hot Gates saved Greece from the Persians and hence all of Western Civilization, so I was very interested in this movie.

This graphic novel/animation/film technique created the sense we were watching a watercolor painting come to life. It was more beautiful than the average war movie.

But war movie it was, and after the first hour of multiple impalings, decapitations, and artistic blood spray, we saw the same thing over again. I mean, really, if you've seen one decapitation, you've pretty much seen decapitation.

Yes, fans, even though I liked this movie, I was getting twitchy toward the end. And the sub-plot about the Queen putting out to get the politicians back home to send reinforcements pissed me off.

In my little town, every showing from Friday to Sunday afternoon was sold out, so the target audience is turning out in droves -- which I think should cause us to consider what Hollywood is telling them this time.

Either by timing or intent, 300 is war propaganda. Bigger, louder, with better actors and more beautiful cinematography, but no different from when John Wayne killed all those nasty Japs in the 40s.

Perhaps I had this reaction because I grew up in the 60s and well remember the last time America mired itself in battle, at the sacrifice of our young.

As King Leonidas strutted the battlements shouting out epithets that could easily be turned into war bond posters, I wanted to shout back. Don't listen to him, boys.

There is no glory in war or honor in death. Only waste.


  1. Amen, Sister. We're in the same generation and saw the waste and pain and blood of Vietnam. Why is this a lesson that must be learned (or not) over and over again? This time, it's blood and oil....

  2. It seems to me, the farther we get from first hand experience, the easier it is to forget.

    Our WW2 Vets are 80+. Our Viet Vets, pushing 60. Even the hippie protestors are (ahem) getting up there.

    Who will listen when any of these groups say, this might be a bad idea.


  3. 3,210 American military lives wasted as of this writing. I go from despair to being so angry I could spit. God damn Bu$hCo.


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