Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Every so often, I check my site stats to see the searches that disgorge the innocent at my cyberspace doorstep.

Google Searches that landed souls here:

disney movies spool grandma underground monsters

I wonder what they were looking for -- and my blog was #1 in the search return list.

gaeilge mór agam

Still looking for someone to speak Gaelic and COYOTE UNDERGROUND is #3 on the list.

it's not polite to point

Yes, I am Miss Manners, and that search reaped this picture.

filmfantasy paint

What the hell is that? And why am I #6 on the list?

Looking for me?


Someone actually looking for me? Here I am.


8th on the list if you just want a coyote.

black velvet pencil

Alas. #2 on the list for the poor souls still looking for Black Velvet Pencils which are the best pencils ever made that you can't get anymore.

potius sero quam nunquam.

6th on the list for Latin quotes. Am I moving up in the world? From a Gaelic translation for Give me a Guinness to Latin for Better late than never. Moving into more elegant territory.

And then this notice --

McAfee tested the sight and didn't find any significant problems.

Apparently, I'm safe, relatively.

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