Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not Everybody Gets A Meteor Shower

So, it was my birthday, yesterday.

Bought enough cake to share with the fire department 'cuz we were having training last night, then decided, those firemen don't need any cake and kept the whole thing for myself.

Happy Birthday to me.

They will thank me later.

Every year on my birthday, earth gets a meteor shower.

You're welcome.

I remember when the phrase -- I'm almost [FILL IN THE BLANK] years old -- meant, I'm about to get to do something I didn't used to get to do.

Occurred to me in bed yesterday morning -- I am almost [expletive deleted] years old. And my next thought was, CRAP. Am I still alive?

I remember when you couldn't trust anyone over 30.

Now, anyone under 30 looks suspiciously immature.

Hugh Romney is 73.

Nobody's perfect.

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