Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Blog or Not

Number 1 Fan asks, "Why aren't you writing on your blog anymore?



1. It's summer.

Such as it is. In Montana. Which means yesterday morning, August 17th, at 8:30 AM, the temperature was 35 degrees.

Counting ourselves lucky, it wasn't 35 below here boss.

2. Other projects.

I've been on four hikes into burned wilderness for a grant-sponsored photography show, and besides being depressing, this takes time.

See pix above from the latest foray.

Actually, the show is almost finished, and I've learned getting a new camera and the newest version of Photoshop at the same time one takes a paying gig, might not be the best of planning.

3. Nothing to say.

Well, you know better than that.

I wish they'd stop calling that child, Blanket.

Could they please stop obsessing about what Michelle Obama wears. I don't care what she looks like in shorts or bare arms. Although I'm grateful to her for bringing cardigans back in style.

Isn't it scary to see what some of our neighbor citizens think and will say in public.

4. Blogging is so over.

Could be.

I've noticed a few of my favorites sporting long times between posts.

But, the Internet, being what it is, undoubted thousands shall rise to take the place of those too lazy, busy, bored, mute, or evolved to blog.

Until next time.

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