Tuesday, June 08, 2010


kiddo calls this, the Resurrection Rose.

Apparently, after many disaster, it survives.

This rose, along with the cat, came to live at my house while kiddo becomes a Master of Science in England. I was given instructions to water every day and not throw it out even when it looks dead.

I watered it most days and have not thrown it out, even though, I'm pretty sure it is dead.

The cat lives on.

National Blog Posting Month


  1. How are Gracie and cat getting along? Cat does not seem much impressed--but then, that's the way cats often look. Congenital conformation.

  2. Gracie LOVES Pete.

    Pete is fat.

  3. what a beautiful cat!

  4. He is awesome in his catness.

    Doesn't like me though, unless every other human in 100 miles is busy.


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