Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quote the Poet

Washing machine broke, so we went to town for a new one.

Now, I have low expectations for a washing machine.



All I want is a warm rinse cycle. Warm wash. Warm rinse.


Is this unreasonable?


Washing machines, now days, will save you money, time, energy and the Earth.

Cold water rinsing saves all of the above. Warm water rinsing has gone the way of the dodo who still wants to rinse warmly.

Every salesperson offered a machine that will sense the exact amount of water needed and use only that amount. If you look in the machine and think it needs more water, you're wrong.

Can this option be disabled?


And that is where I got to quote James William Buffett --

I don't want that much organization in my life.

I don't want other people thinking for me!


So, we looked, looked. And looked. Explained well water and warm rinsing to young salesmen, who if they've ever done the laundry, I'm Gaylord Nelson.

Found one. Took all day.

But, I suppose, any day one gets to drop an apropos Jimmy Buffett quote, is not a day wasted.

Rock On.

*Okay, the last one is me. I don't know how Jimmy feels about laundry.

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