Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The temperature is 10 degrees below zero and the creek is freezing.

My Number 1 Fan (ok, my only fan) says, Post something every day.

Ha. I reply.

Holidailies has filled you with false expectations. Back to reality. Only the idle bored could keep up that schedule. While I am occasionally bored, I’m rarely idle.

But, I hope these few pictures tide you over while I’m thinking up something to say.


  1. GORGEOUS pics!
    Sometimes it's hard to think of something to say. Okay, most of the time it is, for me, at least.
    Uh, I guess that's it for now.

  2. Thanks.

    There are those days when it seems I couldn't voice directions to the kitchen. But, luckily, there are other days when it seems I might never shut-up.

    Blogging, who knew?

  3. Come to beautiful southern California, where the creeks never freeze over, because there are no creeks, because it's desert. Sure, we have a water supply and pools in the backyard (not mine) because Los Angeles diverted the Owens River water. But basically it's desert.

    In the high desert about 60 miles from here it's even drier (if that's possible) and colder, if you really desire cold. Today, here in the Valley we're sitting on a toasty 24 degrees (compared to you).

    Your pictures were excellent, though chilling. Thanks!

  4. Cynthia, you've been tagged!


Glad to hear from you!