Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Personality Quiz

Saw the link at Sarah's blog.

I scored as Salmon. Despite first thoughts, you have wisdom abound. You rejuvenate yourself and others often just by your presence and you never give up, always pushing upstream.

Even though the Salmon of Wisdom is an Irish legend, can't say I care much for this result.

One fish, same as the next, mindlessly battering itself to death to reach someplace that is less destination, more event, but it sure is an apt image for an aspiring screenwriter.


Which animal totem best suits you?
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  1. I am a dragon!

    "You scored as Dragon. You are the Dragon. You store a lot of knowledge about everything. You are generally one who is good with personal growth and can regenerate yourself after a bad experience."

  2. Way better than some cold flippy/flappy fish. :P

  3. Huh. I'm a dragon, too.
    (I may steal this for mah blog)

  4. Stella8:05 PM

    I scored as a dragon too "You store a lot of knowledge about everything."
    dragon..salmon...same diff both have scales:D

  5. Yeah, it's fun - as long as you don't score as a fish with a death wish. :\

    Wonder why I know so many dragons?


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