Sunday, February 25, 2007

Double Feature

Back in the day* audiences could see two features and a cartoon on any given night at the movies. Today, I decided I wanted an old-fashioned Double Feature, so I went to two movies.

VENUS starring the lovely Peter O'Toole and The Number 23 starring the imaginative Jim Carrey.


Well, after raving about GHOST RIDER last post, I hesitate to denigrate the film that’s everyone’s darling now, lest you decide I have a cretin’s taste in film. But, c'est la vie, as the French would. I thought this film was vile.

It might be that O’Toole is such a good actor, he made the lech so real, or maybe because they used humor to ingratiate the old tosser to the audience.

Whatever the reason, by mid-story, I didn’t like the characters or anything they did. I almost walked out twice, but kept thinking, it’s gotta be over soon. Alas, not soon enough.

I KNOW we’re all going to die, we seldom get exactly what we want, old age can be a lonely, painful time, and when some men say they love you, they only want to fuck. I don’t need a movie, no matter how well acted, to reveal this to me. I was not entertained.

The Number 23

I’m in that generation of women who have math anxiety. Do not try to get me to do math. I cringe when I read scientific articles that proclaim the universe can be explained with numbers; that mathematics is the universal language.

Excuse me, why can’t the universal language be colors or music or art?

I just finished a novel the premise of which was that God is explained by math. Well, God save me.

Anyway, the opening credits to this movie are intriguing. The film that follows is okay. 23 could have been better, The pacing was off. Too much voice-over. But I didn’t guess the end to the mystery, and I think Jim Carrey is a better actor than he gets credit for.

All in all, a blah day at the pictures. I must have jinxed myself raving about two good movies in a row. I was interested enough to look up the #23 Enigma, which, apparently, is actually something. Go figure.**

The 23 Enigma

The Number 23 -- a frequency chart.

The 23 Synchronicity

*and I say this at the reveal of my advancing age.
**just don't try to get me to do math.

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  1. I agree with you about Venus--sleazy and revolting. In real life, he's 72 and she's 22. You do the math, if you like. I didn't find the humor all that funny, either. What a waste of time and money.


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