Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Curtain Call

When I was 19, I wrote:

like old bitches
spayed after five litters
not knowing what to do, now
clutter buses
and supermarkets.

Now I'm [older than that]. I wonder,
was I looking forward
or back
at 19.

At [ ],
is there any forward
left to see,
or only back.

[ ]
feels like 19
from the inside.
Except in the morning.

No matter what,
I stay off buses
to avoid 19 year olds,
and my future, if possible.


  1. A good poem is one that grabs you and makes you pay attention. Like Shakespeare, it requires you to re-read to get the full meaning.

    Doesn't mean that it was nice or life-affirming however. Sounds like you were in a 19-year-old snit.

    Way on the other side of 19 (shall we say 4 decades or so) I often wonder what they think of me and my gray hear and body losing its battle with gravity? And my personality, losing its gravity (in the sense of seriousness)....

  2. If I could spell, I'd be dangerous--I meant "gray hair"...

  3. Excellent.
    Especially about avoiding the 19-yr-olds :)

  4. Sarah,

    Don't we all have the world by the tail when we're 19 or there 'bouts?

    Actually, my 19 year-old-self was trying to scorn the society that shuffled the women aside, but no one ever sees that in this poem.

  5. Candace,

    Avoiding 19 year olds is a good idea. I sometimes force them to talk to me in movie lines with varying results.


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