Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It Had To Happen

A meme, which may be a social brain virus, is actually the last resort of someone trying to think up something to say 31 days straight.

Gratefully lifted from Tuesday's Tales.

Old Man Winter…

What is your favorite winter memory?

My parents used to drive two hours into the mountains so my sister and I could play in the snow.

What do you think or feel when you walk through freshly fallen snow?

I like the squeaky noise it makes.

What are three things that you enjoy most about the winter season?

Sweaters, hat hair without prejudice, Alpines.

How does the cold winter weather and shorter days affect your mood or outlook on life?

Makes me feel Christmasy.

Why do you look forward to the winter season?

I like sweaters, fires in the fireplace, Christmas, that driving can become an adventure and weather a trial, that cozy becomes an end onto itself, and community means we survived another one.

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