Saturday, January 31, 2009

Freedom and Choice

This weekend, the Catholic Faithful were enjoined from the pulpit to help defeat the Freedom of Choice Act. Of course, they didn't call it by name, only initials. FOCA. Because the words, FREEDOM and CHOICE, are so very threatening. A poster displayed the list of horrific consequences should the liberals hold sway. Most parishes offered preprinted, addressed postcards so each person can lobby their Senator to defeat the bill.

I expect egregious misinformation from the usual vocal opponents of Pro-Choice. I didn't expect printed material delivered in church, dispensed by the diocese, to be full of inflammatory misrepresentations.

Silly me.

Shame on them.

Here is a link to the actual text of the bill. Freedom of Choice Act. In previous sessions of Congress, it has been submitted twice and died, twice, in committee. Even though one of President Obama's campaign promises was to pass and sign the Freedom of Choice Act, the Senate is still, by small margin, Pro-Life.

Here is the treacherous villainy some in Congress would foist on the American public.

"A woman's decision to commence, prevent, continue, or terminate a pregnancy is one of the most intimate decisions an individual ever faces. As such, reproductive health decisions are best made by the woman, in consultation with her medical provider or loved ones, without governmental interference." is a site that tracks the progress of bills through Congress. This link shows the progress of the bill in the 110th Session. I hope the 111th does better, even with an onslaught from the Catholic Mislead.


  1. "Why I am not a Catholic" in a nutshell. I believe that the Church's stand on women's right to choose is itself a sin.

  2. Write your Senators.

  3. OOOohhhhhhhhhh! I was wondering why there were pictures on some of the FFI player's blogs that said Stand against FOCA! I was like...why would ANYONE be against the freedom of choice act?!

  4. One of the results of passing the Freedom of Choice Act, according to the Catholic Church, is that Catholic hospitals would be forced to provide abortions on demand.

    Nothing in the bill says that, but there you go.

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I just love it when I meme jump and then find a great post like this one. Blogrolling you!


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