Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

From Thursday Thunks.

1. Would you rather have a pet hippo or a pet elephant?

Elephant. Where would I get enough water to house a hippo?

2. If locked in a cell and music blasted constantly 24/7, what would NOT drive you crazy that might annoy other inmates?

Christmas music.

3. If you see a penny on the ground, do you stop and pick it up?

No. I don't know where that penny's been.

4. Sea salt or table salt?

Sea salt.

5. Do you use bar soap or liquid soap?


6. What/when was the worst travel experience of your life?

Husband Dearest worked for an airline. We could fly free on standby. Decided to go to Missouri for the 4th of July. Made it to Denver. Got bumped. Got on another flight. Sat down, seated miles apart. Got bumped again. Had to drag a ton of camera stuff and myself, from the very back of the airplane, while all the delayed, disgruntled travelers glared at me. Had dinner in Denver. Flew back to Billings. I hate airlines.

7. You are at someone's house for dinner. It's an important dinner such as meeting the In Laws, with the boss or an important client. The food comes out and all homemade. You take the first bite and nearly puke into your plate. You're sure you'll end up with food poisoning. Do you eat it, pretend to eat and spit it into your napkin or some other clever way to get yourself out of eating it?

There are a lot of memes going around now about eating something nasty. What's up with that? Oh wait, it's a meme.

Anyway, trust me on this, if your lovely dinner is spoiled or includes a cockroach or is in someway hazardous, inedible or repulsive, my manners do not include choking it down to spare your feelings. If I like you, I'll say, no thank-you, I've already eaten, and hie myself to the nearest Mickey Dees. If I don't like you ... um ... why are we eating together?

Before my in-laws were my in-laws, they offered me head cheese. I didn't barf, pass-out or run screaming from the table. And I still married him.

8. Do you watch any judge/court shows?


9. Is your nose pierced?

Good God, NO. I've always wondered, but didn't really want to know, what happens with a nose-pierced sneeze?

I do, however, have a new tattoo.

to me.

Today, I'm beginning my fourth year of blogging, and this is post 487.


  1. I've never had head cheese but it does sound nasty. Thanks for playing!

  2. While I was in India, I contracted a nasty case (self-limiting) of bacillary dysentery. However, on the first day of recovery, I found that my teammates had set up a meeting with the village headman to discuss building stoves in huts (we had special smokeless stoves we were teaching).

    As I sat in the close warm headman's hut, with the smell of food and people and baby offerings, I thought I was going to faint, but I managed to keep going. Until the headman's wife offered us all coffee--strong, almost concentrate, very sweet, with bits of straw from the local sugar produced just down the road in the next village.

    My teammate Max took one look at me--he said I turned green--slugged down his own scalding hot coffee and switched his empty cup for my full one, thus making us friends for life. Greater love hath no man than to drink *two* of those coffees (he doesn't like coffee at all).


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