Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thunks

1. You are walking down the road and you look down. There is a bug. Do you step on it?

Probably. Is it ugly?

2. What is one fantasy that you want to come true more than any other?

Rich and famous contract from Hollywood.

3. Someone knocks on your door. Do you look out the window to see who it is before you open it? Do you open it regardless of who it is?

Yes and no.

4. Have you ever eaten Play Doh?

No, but I once ate a dog cookie.

5. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon as a child?

Beany and Cecil.

6. Are you a "people watcher"?


7. I have a bowl of fruit. There are apples, oranges & pears. You help yourself to one - which one do you choose?

I'd rather have chocolate.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve in the blogging world?

People who think they have the inside scoop on politics.

9. What is one religion that you could just never see yourself joining?

Almost any.

10. What word do you use far too often?


11. How long do you spend in the shower?

As long as it takes.

12. If you were to write a personal ad about yourself, what would it say?

Look this way.

13. Your favorite flavor of soup is....?

Chicken noodle.

14. You are sitting on a bench in the park and a bug walks in front of your feet.... do you squash him?

If it looks like it might get on me, heck yeah, I'm going to squash it.


  1. I agree with #8. That annoys me too.

  2. totally agree with #8

  3. Beany and Cecil? I've never even heard of that one! I guess I'm missing something.


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